SigFig Digital Wealth

SigFig Digital Wealth: Portfolio Management Software for Financial Advisors and Clients Alike

An accessible & affordable option for clients, with delightful digital experience. An efficient & intuitive platform for advisors, so they can spend more time advising.

The accessibility & affordability clients want, and the scale & growth that enterprises expect.

Built for Enterprise

  • Serve The Mass Affluent

  • Multi-Channel Interaction

  • Advisor Enablement

  • Simplify Processes

  • Digital-First Experience

  • Security & Reliability

The SigFig Digital Wealth Difference

Serve The Mass Affluent

Integrating investing with core banking with easy-to-understand portfolio options.

Multi-Channel Interaction

Deliver a hybrid advice model with solutions purpose-built for remote advice on any device.

Advisor Enablement

Risk tolerance questionnaires and needs discovery journeys help advisors provide great advice.

Simplify Processes

Increase efficiencies in account openings, client onboarding, annual reviews, portfolio management, and administration.

Digital-First Experience

Connecting needs discovery, investment solutions, advising, sophisticated back-end technologies, and modern interactions.

Security & Reliability

Enterprise-grade technology trusted by leading financial brands, with an emphasis on meeting rigorous compliance standards.

Digital Wealth Products

Three Ways to Build Wealth Management Capacity

Complicated Processes Made Elegant by Design & Technology

You’re obsessed with providing delightful and seamless client experiences, and so are we. Partnering with the world’s leading firms has enabled us to optimize important steps, from risk tolerance questionnaires to portfolio monitoring tools.

Dynamic Advice & Relevant Guidance helps Clients Thrive

Investing shouldn’t be complicated and confusing. We’ve built in behavioral nudges and pro-active advice throughout client wealth management experiences to help you ensure your clients are on the right track. You & your clients care about their wealth and financial wellness all the time, which is why Digital Wealth is always on and ready.

Flexible Investment Chassis lets Institutions Craft Investments and Recommendations

To your clients, a great investment portfolio is much more than numbers and trend’s an orchestration of seamless onboarding and risk assessments, fast account funding and recurring deposits, automated annual reviews, timely rebalancing and trading, tax loss harvesting, goals & planning, and the advisor-client relationship to bring it all together.

What our partners are saying

"This system was fantastic to use. It was quick, concise, and took care of all disclosure and delivery requirements without the need to print off pages."

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