SigFig Discover

SigFig Discover: Helps You Unearth New Leads and Manage Current Relationships

Retail bankers, financial advisors, marketers, and experience leaders use SigFig Discover to surface financial needs and prime customers to take action.

Only SigFig Discover works across all channels to turn stated and unstated financial needs into engagement and growth opportunities.

The challenges Discover was built for

  • Changing Branch Traffic

  • Pre-Appointment Preparation

  • Digital Onboarding Dropoff

  • Missed Referral Opportunities

  • Incomplete Sales Processes

  • Slow Lead Generation

Declining Branch Traffic

Digitizes the process of needs discovery so you can understand your customers from anywhere.

Inconsistent Appointment Outcomes

Equips bankers with a conversational blueprint based on a customer’s stated needs.

Digital Onboarding Dropoff

Plugs leaky digital funnels by engaging customers with helpful digital experiences to drive next steps.

Missed Referral Opportunities

Sources referrals for expansion opportunities into wealth management, mortgage banking, insurance and other lines of business.

Incomplete Sales Processes

Provides a consistent blueprint for service & sales conversations so novice bankers can perform like veterans.

Slow Lead Generation

Delivers a consistent flow of warm leads primed to engage with the bank so bankers can make smarter, more successful calls.


The average number of unmet financial needs identified by Discover that a customer has at any given moment in their journey.

Delightful, mobile-first user experience

Users only get asked questions relevant to them, based on the data you have and the data they share. Along the way, they receive personalized tips. Dynamic logic and pathing routes them to the most relevant outcomes based on their inputs.

Configurable calls-to-action, flexible next steps

After completing needs discover journeys, customers are prompted to take next steps. Whether talking to a banker, going through a self-service product selection, visiting a resource center, or simply receiving helpful tips, SigFig Discover helps you drive customers to the right places, people, and products.

Banker dashboard to guide conversations and manage leads

Automatically aggregate customer needs data into actionable profiles for bankers to use in conversation and manage leads. Export data to refine segmentation, assign leads & customers to nurture campaigns, and improve future product recommendations.

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