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EventsMar 31, 20221 min read
Building a Financial Health Culture at Paducah Bank with Needs Discovery TechnologySigFig Team

In this webinar, you’ll learn how community financial institutions are using digital technology to uncover customers’ needs beyond the branch to enrich data and source leads. ...

BlogMar 9, 20223 min read
In a Market Downturn, Think & Act for the Long-TermSigFig Team

Volatile markets can frighten even the most seasoned investors. There are some actions you can take now, as well as actions to avoid, to help reduce your risk and position yourself to invest confident...

Case StudyFeb 17, 20221 min read
Case Study: M&T Bank's Partnership with SigFig to Transform Sales & Service using SigFig DiscoverKyle Hietala

M&T Bank knew their customers had unmet financial needs, but existing lead generation and customer engagement systems and technologies weren’t providing desired results....