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BlogNov 21, 20223 min read
3 Insights to Drive Your Firm's Hybrid Advice and Delivery ModelKayla Adams

Partnering with a fintech provider can benefit both the end user and the advisor, as well as the financial institution. Technology is a necessary complement to the advisor-client relationship, strengt...

BlogSep 16, 20223 min read
3 Ways to Harness the Screen for Next-Generation Wealth InteractionsBrianna Glenn

Help your advisors build stronger relationships with clients to help them reach their financial goals by learning how to use technology, collaborative tools, and needs discovery with SigFig Engage....

BlogJul 28, 20223 min read
Gen I: Self-Directed and Self-Motivated Investors Brianna Glenn

Financial technology has revolutionized money management and the investor experience. Investors are more tech-savvy and, therefore, more critical about digital capabilities in an application or servic...